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Other Airplanes Than a Mooney?

Aug. 25, 2000: If you didn't have a Mooney, what would you fly?

* AndyC : MooneyPoll from
A Cessna 206. It's almost as fast and can get into those unpaved strips that I'd love to try in the northwestern U.S. Great load carrying capacity. If only it wasn't part of the AD/month club.

* Chris Wilcox : MooneyPoll from
A G-V. How much better can it get than that? Ok, in the *real* world? A Malibu, a TBM-700 or something of that ilk. Maybe a C-414 since as we all know, pressurization is nice.

* Marty Petri : MooneyPoll from
Cherokee or Commanche 'cause I probably wouldn't know any better.

* Fred : MooneyPoll from
Bonanza A36 or B36 More room and weight capacity

* Joe Campbell : MooneyPoll from
Pooper Saratoga - Room

* Yury : MooneyPoll from
Used homebuil -- cheaper, faster

* Don Maxwell : MooneyPoll from
Hell' I'd quit!

* Tony Hale : MooneyPoll from
Pooper Arrow 200

* John Bartholomew : MooneyPoll from
The reason that I own a Mooney right now is, I wanted a Lancair and everyone that I talked to about this said that I needed some "fast retract" experience, "like in a Mooney." After flying a '67 F model, Mooneys started looking better and more affordable. Now, I can't visualize owning anything else, but the Lancair Columbia would probably the first place I'd look.

* Dave Ream : MooneyPoll from
If money were no object, either a Beech Bonanza (fast, comfortable, responsive) or a SIA Marchetti (fast & fun & lands like a Mooney) or the new Cirrus (sophisticated design, fast, airframe parachute). If time were no object, I'd build a Glasair III or Super IIS (*very* fast, smooth flyer & strong airframe, feels like a magic carpet). If circumstances were same as when I got the Mooney, a newer fuel-injected C172 (dull, but has honest handling & roomy interior).

* Dave Boerigter : MooneyPoll from
Probably a rag wing tail dragger. That's the kind of flying I do mostly in any case.

* bill pearson : MooneyPoll from
A Bonanza. It is a much sweeter flying airplane and mush easier to land than a Mooney. The operating costs, fuel, maintenance, made me finally sell my V-Tail and come back to the Mooney for good. Now, a nice little Cessna "CJ" would be my real choice if I won the lottery.

* Lloyd Stearns : MooneyPoll from
An Arrow, affordability, parts availability/ and familiarity.

* Bill Kight : MooneyPoll from
Cessna 210. Great load hauler with speed

* Joe Llamas : MooneyPoll from
Would like Eclipse Would probably settle for Piper A serious consideration would be a Rockwell TC

* Mark Crouch : MooneyPoll from
columbia 300

* Mike Stenzler : MooneyPoll from
Lake Renegade Amphibian - just about as fast as a Mooney and of course it can land on water. I live in a waterfront community and it would be nice to tie up my plane in the river near my house.

* Jerry Pressley : MooneyPoll from
Meyers 200D. spar carrythrough is strong like a Mooney. Almost as strong. Much stronger than anything else out there.

* Steve Dietrich : MooneyPoll from
High performance kit aircraft- Mooney + performance but with the higher risk associated with higher stall speeds and uncertain characteristics in ice

* Richard Simile : MooneyPoll from
Lancair "4" no turbo, no press, Reason: uncomplicated Speed

* Drew McKee : MooneyPoll from
F33 or Commander 114

* Bill Surratt : MooneyPoll from
Bonanza F-33 Debonair. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my Mooney 201, but I had a lot of time flying v-35, E/F-33 and A-36 as a kid in the mid-'70's. It's like the difference between a Lexus and an Alfa-Romeo. If I had an extra 200 grand layin around......

* Ron Polley : MooneyPoll from
A stinson gull wing, A swift,or a columbia would be nice

* Dan Checkoway : MooneyPoll from
Socata TBM-700 or Pilatus PC-12, because the only way I'm getting rid of my Mooney is if I become a millionaire.

* N Clemmer : MooneyPoll from
Piper, Senica

* Hal Smith : MooneyPoll from
Grumman Tiger

* Terry Jernigan : MooneyPoll from

* Socata Trinidad : MooneyPoll from
Trinidad has long legs. Bonanza too expensive. Marchetti too squirrelly. Duchess too slow. Aviat Husky too limited. Cessnas wing in wrong place. Pipers too slow. Maule too funny looking.

* Andrew M. : MooneyPoll from
Lot's of wonderful planes out there, but the honest answer is probably a Cherokee 180 or 250. Simple, reasonably priced, lots of room, and lots of load. Do I like it better than a Mooney? Of course not or I'd own one.

* for Jake Jacobs : MooneyPoll from
Alternate would be Cessna 185-tail dragger with stol capability/Cheers

* Bonanza : MooneyPoll from
It's just bigger, and better, and more expensive.

* Tom Stackhouse : MooneyPoll from
Post-1984 A36 Bonanza. For the IO-550 and the extra seats.

* Loren D. Jones : MooneyPoll from
Piper Cherokee Six

* Bill LeFebvre : MooneyPoll from
Bonanza Either an F33* or an A36 Mooneys are great planes, but Bonanzas are an absolute dream to fly. Alas, they are too expensive to operate and maintain. Mooneys can't be beat for combining speed and economy!

* Commanche 400 : MooneyPoll from
The baddest single

* Chuck Crinnian : MooneyPoll from
Assuming spending the same for purchase....AA5-B. Very dependable, good peerformance for a simple fixed gear. Would rather have a T-34, but costs too high!!

* Jeff Ingram : MooneyPoll from
Cirrus - more bang for the buck

* jeff doran : MooneyPoll from
Bonanza A36

* Jeff Uphoff : MooneyPoll from
Given my current budget, probably a Citabria; I almost bought one before I bought Chris Wilcox's old M20C. Given unlimited funds, probably a Socata TBM-700, which *almost* qualifies as a Mooney.

* Garth McDonald : MooneyPoll from
Vtail Bonanza

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