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  Lodge Journal NEW

June 18, 1864

San Francisco

Lodge2 PDF, p. 11


T.A.W. Harper, Esq.

Dear Sir,

I have written you frequently since my arrival here but up to this time I have received no word in reply or acknowledgement from you. The only letter of mine that received prompt attention was that of the 20th of March in which I requested an extension of my letter of credit but as yet I have no reply to warn that although the time for an answer is bypast & gone.

The want of this extension of credit might have put me to serious inconvenience had not_____ Helman offered to advance me any money (in reason) I might require. However this stage is now passed for I have been paid by Irelan’s party this May $7,000 that gets me out of all pecuniary difficulties for the present. I have not much chance of getting anything out of Smiley. He, with three of his party will be tried at the criminal court in a few week’s, but I fear they will stand the trial & have a conviction rather than give up a dollar of the plunder. I have no intention of giving up whilst there remains the remotest probability of getting any of the treasure. In the meantime I get no assistance from the American underwriters or the uninsured.

I am sir your obed. sert.

Francis W. Lodge





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