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Todd Underwood

Phoenix and Prescott, AZ

Ratings: FAA DPE, ATP MEL-MES-SEL-SES, Master and Gold Seal CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI
Total time: 9,500
Instruction time: 5,000
Mooney time: 550
Other: CFF Certified, CPPP instructor, MAPA-SF instructor, M.Ed, FAAST Team Lead Representative

Program fees: $75/hour

Instructor's Approach

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Todd Underwood

My checkout procedure is summarized below:

1. The student reads the POH several times before our first lesson.

2. We go through a throrough preflight covering all the Mooney systems with system specfic gothcha's. We cover perfomance, the laminar flow wing, what to expect with flight characteristics. .

3. Depending on the experience level of the student the flight lessons consist of pitch/power control, slow flight, turns, power off stalls to the commercial standard, power on stalls at 65% power, turns about a point, S-turns about a road, short field take offs and landings, soft field take offs and landings, reglar and crosswind take offs and landings. Lesson times are dependent on the student and insurance requirements..

5. If the student is instrument rated we will fly approaches, partial panel work, unusual attitudes, holds, intercepts, tracking etc.

6. Finally we review everything, especially all the Mooney specific items.

7. Congratulations, you are a Mooney Pilot!



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